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Starting a New Google Ads Campaign or Optimizing an Existing One

When people use the search button on Google, they anticipate certain results being presented. Whether it’s an informative or transactional search, it’s essential to present relevant information about a website, a product, or specific services.

To answer specific requirements and searches, you need a well-planned strategy that yields the highest return on investment.

Our team includes experts with more than ten years of expertise in developing Google Ads approaches and campaigns. During this time, we tried things out, learned, got new ideas, and came up with our own plan, which turned out to work very well.

Google Ads Campaign Types

We publish ads in the places where consumers are actively searching for your products and services.

We show targeted ads based on thousands of particular keywords connected to the products on your website (e.g., product + brand + range).

We post your ads on websites frequented by prospective clients.

We display your products with their picture and price in consumer searches, therefore generating relevant clicks and purchases.

We monitor your website visitors on the Display Network with ads showing the products viewed or added to the shopping cart, with the goal of encouraging customers to make a further purchase.

We promote your banners and videos on the second-largest search engine in the world, whose retention rate has surpassed that of television networks.

Why should you choose Eleven ADS Agency?

The best outcome

We think that every company owner is responsible for maximising their enterprise’s untapped potential. However, it is not always possible to accomplish everything on your own. The trick is to surround yourself with skilled individuals who can assist you in getting the best outcomes in their own specific ways. And together, we create a team.

We test Google Beta products prior to their official release.

We work with Google Ads professionals with over 13 years of expertise in internet marketing.

Whether you develop your own Google ads or have an agency by your side, if you are unsure whether the direction of your promotion is the most effective, let us know. Second opinions are always a smart idea, particularly if they come from qualified experts.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Unlock your online potential with Eleven Ads

The key to successful Google Ads campaigns

In our view, three requirements must be satisfied for a company to provide a favourable return on investment:

It is essential to have a market-competitive business with a compelling service portfolio. You should not compare yourself to the offline enterprises you are familiar with. Check the offers of websites in your industry that are competing for the top keywords on the first page.

A well-organized, usable website with a quick load speed and an appealing design is also a must. Additionally, the sales process should be as brief as possible. The website should ideally be SEO-optimized, and we can assist you with that at any time. Moreover, it is essential to look at the sites with whom you will compete.

It is also fundamental to have customised Google campaigns built by experienced professionals who have worked, tested, and have extended knowledge on the most effective methods for you to get maximum benefit.

We Have Great Strategy

What steps must be taken to create effective Google Ads campaigns?

It is essential that we fully understand your company. This is why we evaluate both your business and your competitors. You will discuss with our team your assets, target audience, and key performance indicators.

We look at your website and sales funnel and come up with ways to make the user experience better.

We set up a plan for promotion, with a focus on the target audience and the key performance indicators (KPIs) that we set up with you at the beginning.

Once the campaigns are live, we look at how users respond and report what we find.

We optimise Google advertisements, allocating the majority of the budget to those that provide the best results. We are continually identifying new prospects and types of campaigns to trial.

need for analysis

Google Ads is a very dynamic platform with continually evolving AI algorithms. Because of this, a campaign that had favourable results a few months ago may now be less effective. Herein lies the need for analysis, ongoing optimization, trend forecasting, and, of course, a significant amount of expertise.

The range of businesses fostered so far characterises and benefits us. From the auto, lifestyle, health, finance, beauty, and fashion industries to international transportation, every obstacle has been embraced and masterfully surmounted.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Unlock your online potential with Eleven Ads

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